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Feel like my body is shutting down

I don't know what's wrong with me and wonder if anyone can help...I feel like my whole body is shutting down to be honest. I'm only in my twenties and have never had any health problems and am very happy with my current situation in life, much happier than I have been previously. But I feel so ill. The problems are: I'm tired ALL the time. I will go to sleep at 10, sometimes even earlier and my body won't wake till about 10 the next day. If I set an alarm I just sleep through it. All day I feel exhausted, breathless and like I could just fall asleep. I have gained quite a lot of weight (still a healthy weight and not fat but bigger than I used to be) and CANNOT shift it and I can't understand why - my contraception, diet and exercise have not changed and I used to be good at losing weight but it won't budge. At the same time I don't have much of an appetite and don't enjoy food as I used to which is even weirder! I keep getting attacks of crying out of nowhere - I've always been sensitive but in the past I would only cry if something bad actually happens - now I will just cry completely unprompted. It just happens and is very hard to hold back. My stomach hurts, my vision keeps blurring, when I get a cut or bruise it takes at least double the amount of time it used to to heal. My skin is quote greasy and spotty when it never has been before. My ears ring throughout the day. I feel flat, exhausted and empty. This has been going on about 2 months. What's wrong with me??

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You could be depressed. The mind is a powerful thing. I would never have believed how things in my mind cold affect my physically if I hadn't experienced it. I have a tremor because of my anxiety. It can happen when I m not under stress and has a mind of its own! Get your gp to check there's nothing medically wrong and work from there. best wishes s x


Possibly an under active thyroid?

Have you been to the doctor?

Could also be depression..


It could be depression, you should consult a GP fast.

Depression and stress can have many reasons, so don't assume anything.


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