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Anxiety problems getting worse

So this is my first post.

I've always head problems with big crowds, and got nervous at times and had anxiety. But not in a bad way. Just normal nervous tension.

Last week it started getting worse, feeling faint, going pale at the weekend. On Monday the dizziness started and inability to concentrate, I've had blood tests done, a few visits to the doctors and So far nothing is wrong.

It's the constant pulsing of the head that's been worrying me. It's not a headache, it's just a slight pulsing that's not annoying or painful in anyway. You just don't feel right.

Then today when I went for a nap, before I woke up I had a terrifying episode where my throat closed up on me and I woke up heart racing. (This maybe a seperate issue I need to check up).

But it's not nice and I'm struggling to cope. Like a lot of the people on here im struggling to commit to work and had a few days off. I feel tired and fatigued, knots in my stomach, reduced appetite, throat closing up, muscle tension, blank stares.

It's taking over my life this past week as it just came on one day,

Starting with feeling faint. Out of nowhere.

I hope to meet people on here I can relate to and talk about my issues with.



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Hi Mark, you are right to eliminate medical causes first. There are many symptoms associated with anxiety. The mind is very powerful I still have difficulty grasping how 'physical' my anxiety is. I have a tremor as a result of anxiety. They affect every aspect of my life. You sound like you're at the beginning of your journey. Don't panic, do what you can, when you can, to get through. Hold on tight it 'll be a bumpy ride but you will get there. s

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Thanks Sarah, it's very new to me and finding people to turn to has been an issue, especially when they don't understand anxiety or how it feels.


It sometimes can take time to diagnose the problem but if you feel your anxiety is getting worse.

You need starting treatment quickly and don't worry many of us had experienced this..

You will be fine..


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