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Happy place

I had to most fun dream that I have ever had in my life last night and I remember it so clearly it was a happy place.....if I think about it know you need happy pills for that dream itself lol. Well happy that's the place we all want and need to be but what has our lives become?? Worry , worry...fear, fear. We sit and wonder dreading when the next attack will jump on us. We wonder when will I die from the thing that doctors don't seem to find wrong with us. We are so focused on anxiety that anxiety takes over every aspect of our lives. Did you know that anxiety is not a desease and therefore there is no cure for it. Wow read that again!!! We do not have a disease we have an emotion that we were born with that is suppose to be there but has for some reason gone hiwire. We neef to take back our control over mind and body...not easy I know but you and I can do this. All those scary symptoms is manifesting from our biggest fears and once we confront them and start believing they cannot harm us our body will also start believing it.

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