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Weird head feeling

Hi, I have has anxiety for around 6 weeks and recently my anxiety seems to have reduced but instead I now feel really weird in the head. It's so difficult to describe but it's kind of light headedness, heavy mind, a bit detached from things and worrying that I'm not going to feel normal again! It's really quite scary as I can't control it. It definitely is worse in some parts of the day compared to others though. Is this weird head feeling a symptom of anxiety? Or should I be worried it's something else?

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I would say it's anxiety and probably derealization/depersonalization this is common with anxiety and usually happens when your anxiety settled a bit this is the way your mind protects itself from stress. I had this for months on end and once I stopped being afraid of the sensation and stopped focusing on it, it improved dramatically. I still get it on occasion not as bad and also I don't worry about it now and it passes much quicker.


Ok thank you, so is this a good sign then? As once I'm through this my anxiety might have dare I say it... Gone? Or at least be a lot better.


Yes don't let this sensation bring you back into the cycle of anxiety just let it be don't focus on it and don't be afraid of it keep living your life and it should pass.

I'm glad you are feeling better :)

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Thank you :) it's not really causing me any pain or anything it's just a weird sensation I'm not used to, so it's hard not to worry or be scared about it, but you and others have reassured me that it should pass and i shouldn't focus on it so that's what I'll try my best to do! Thanks again, it's really lovely to know you're not alone


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