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I never seem to get exactly the same anxiety symptoms it differs and as soon as something changes in tge intensity or place where I usually feel pain....what do I do?.....hey Mr Google please give me a diagnosis!!!!

Now that's usually not the best idea as doctor Google has made me run in with anxiety so much worst after getting my advice..anxiety oh geez its definitely not a friend it's not there to give you a nice warm feeling it kicks you when your down catche

You by surprise. Monday pain in my neck, Tuesday pain in my chest, wendsday just more pain. I look at myself and listen to myself while writing this and find myself just being proud because I am a survivor

And anxiety does not define me. God has made me strong in everyway. I am blessed. And even though while writing this I feel my chest tightening my left arm feeling heavy and just painfull I know that God is in control of my life.abxiety no way you don't control me!!!


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  • have you tried relaxation and meditation?

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