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How can I overcome anxiety about going to school?

I have assumed that I suffer from anxiety for a couple of years now, starting in year 8 when I felt sick every morning before school and felt so anxious and isolated as i had moved classes and had little friends, i dealt with this and usually just have phases of feeling anxious. Most days, I will feel sick for short spaces of time throughout the day but convince myself that i am ok.

I have a phobia of sick and about a week ago i was repeatedly sick throughout the night/morning for the first time in about 8 years. Ever since then I have felt drained, weak and physically sick, often tasting sick and feeling as if I am swallowing my sick back down which causes me to panic. I am struggling to eat as I feel sick and have lost a few pounds as a result of this. Today is the first day back after the half term and I think that I suffered an anxiety attack (feeling sweaty, struggling to breathe, feeling incredibly sick and ending up crying my eyes out) and as a result, was sent home and felt much better when at home. Although still ill from this sickness bug, I believe the main culprit for me feeling sick is anxiety. I am sat here thinking about sitting in a classroom and being at school and I am getting shivers just thinking about it, I don't think that I can do it and I am in year 11, this is an important year for me. How can I overcome my 'anxiety' and should I go to the doctors for it? All comments are appreciated.

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Talk it over with your parents. Do they know what you are going through. I think you might want to see doctor and get checked out. If you are well physically, then it could be anxiety. The doctor can discuss treatment for you with you and your parents. A therapist can help you work through your anxiety about school or the doctor might want you to take meds to help calm you down so you can work on your anxiety of going to school. If school causes you such anxiety, you and your parents could talk to someone at your school about independent study. You do your school work at home and check in once a week at school to turn in your work and take tests. You can always return to school when you feel less anxious. Talk to your parents, doctor and the school so you can make the right decision about your anxiety.


Such a heartfelt post....I remember being like this at school....probably before you were born.lol.

I don,t know the reason, maybe due to those teenage hormones...but I did feel bullied a little and hence isolated....

I think you should mention it to your doctor, and more importantly to someone close to you ( a parent) as talking always helps.

Also be truthful with them and yourself if something is bothering you, as to push it to the back of your mind does not get rid off it....

Best wishes...


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