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Medical anxiety

Hi I'm new to the site and wondered if anybody feels the same as me. I suffer with constantly worrying I have something medically wrong with me. Even when I get reassurance from my gp it is normally short lived I will find something else to focus on or someone will say something that triggers my anxiety, it can be an illness somebody else is suffering with. I have not always felt like this but it really affects my day to day life it feels like it paralyzes me. Does anyone know why I feel like this or how I can get over this.

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Don't GOOGLE your symptons because if your suffering with aniexty it will make it 1000 times worse. Stay strong and try and beleive what your doctors are telling you


This is my problem I get symptoms of light head, dizzy. Off balance, , in stomach and head, feel like I can't breath and I always think something . Is truly wrong, I'm dying I need to get to hospital. I try too over come the alignment. I wish I could offer a miracle way to over come this just know your not alone, I'm seeking help currently, best thing I can say is go to your Dr run basic tests to clear your head, then seek out therapist, psychiatrist, someone to guide you too your road to recovery. Try relaxationI"easIt's a lot of retraining your brain to flight and not fight, always here too chat if that helps. Best of luck to you, be well.


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