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Heart disease doubts


I've been dealing with this for the past 6-7 months now. I've never had anxiety before until I suffered from an accident which made my heart go 250+bpm. Doctors said there is no damage and since then I've been to 10+ doctors, to the er more than 10 times. I've had an echo,numerous ecgs, xrays, 24 & 48 hr ecg, full blood and normal blood tests, I've been checked for clots and all of this for a period of 4 months.

I should be convinced that there is nothing wrong but I am always week and I get exhausted easily, I get skipped beats as well as a fluttering feeling in my chest and a pounding hearts. I've been out of breath as well. I rarely have a fast heart rate, even when I am having an attack its around 100 + skipped beats and flutters. I don't drink and I don't smoke, I eat very little sugar and I am a bit underweight. My bp is usually low and I am 20. What can this be? How can I fix it? Please?

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hi there nansy-nns just to let you know i have the same problem my heart rate has been up and down like yours now for years and i'm overweight and at 48 years old and diabetic its one of those things that we just have to one stay calm the worse thing is to get wound up because that can increase your heart rate, well there's two things there that will help and that's not by drinking or smoking well done for that, you say your underweight please do be offended by this next question but how heavy are you, its may not be to that, as the doctor told me my weight would cause it a problem because of the pressure it was under but yours i don't think, and if your blood test are coming back o.k and they can't find anything else that will cause it, then it could just be because you may be tired, exhausted, are you sleeping well, is there anything going of that can cause you stress. i hope this helps i'm no doctor but after suffering with many things over the years you learn a thing or two. please keep in touch just to let me know how your going take care my friend kindest regards Alan x


Hey I am 160cm tall and 44kg :) I sleep at least 9 hours a day and I eat healthy. I've never dieted.

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hi there no i'm not saying you have to diet, i was talking about what i have to do, i'm 6ft 3inch and 143kg or 22stone i have to eat heathly because of my diabete's. all i was just saying it that if there is something that is worrying you or bothering you it could be that, that's all i'm saying i hope i've not upset you by what i said early, take care its nice to meet you Alan xx


You have been worrying about your heart for months the constant release of stress/worry hormones are tiring you out. Long term worry/stress/anxiety is very tiring on the body. Also have you considered post traumatic stress disorder due to the accident you were talking about?

All the symptoms you have stated are symptoms of anxiety disorder. It is a lot of work to get better without meds are you seeing a therapist? I think the only way you can feel better is by accepting that you are healthy after all those tests you can definitely be assured that you are ok. Start working on your anxiety and your mind it's the only way you will feel better.

good luck


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