Rough night

Woke up within an hour of falling asleep with heart palpitations. Wore my night guard cause I grind my teeth however somehow managed to bite my left cheek all along the side😥. Need to get up and go to physical therapy then work but I am drained. I have to do it anyway. I'm stressed. I take propranolol for heart palpitations but I think something must have really startled me. Now feel like I haven't slept and am exhausted besides still in pain from work yesterday. I want to feel good!


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  • I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. I don't deal with fibromyalgia personally, but I have a friend that does. I know this condition causes anxiety as well as other symptoms. Do you take anything for the pain. I know paxil works for anxiety and depression but not the pain you are going through. Maybe talk to your doctor about the pain . You can also talk to your doctor about how difficult it is to work because of your pain. He could recommend something for pain and he could also recommend you go on disability until you manage your pain. My friend is on permanent disability. You are doing good to go for physical therapy. I know that exercise, sleep and healthy eating is good for fibromyalgia. I will be praying for you. God can heal. I think you should pray also. I firmly believe he is the reason my anxiety disorder has gotten better. Of course, I have to do the work but I know he will never let me handle more than I can take. I pray that you will be pain free with the doctors help, God's help and your hard work.

  • Thank you! Well I can't afford Cymbalta which is what they originally wanted to put me on. I'm scared to take Paxil. I'm in physical therapy since I had a car accident end of May. My neck hurts so bad causing headaches. Also have a lot of shoulder and pectoral muscle pain. I trust in God but not as much as I need to! I went to a new church Sunday which was good. Since I woke with heart palpitations last night I'm scared when tonight comes to even try to sleep 😥. My Doctors don't like me I don't think so I'm seeing an herbalist and preventive medicine dr but soon won't be able to afford it. God bless you

  • Sometimes you can call the manufacturer of cymbalta and you let them know you can't afford it, they will help you out.

  • I'm also afraid to take the medicine. My job causes me considerable pain or makes my pain worse esp since car accident.

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