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For the last 3 years my anxiety has got worse. Lots of symptoms inc leaving store in middle of shopping, feeling weak especially in legs. I feel like my legs are going to collapse from under me if I don't sit down. After sitting down for a while with a cup of tea or coffee I can get up and continue for a little while longer before having to go home. I can't believe Anxiety could cause this, Its controlling my life and stopping me from doing the things I want to do. Could this really be Anxiety or is something wrong with me. Please help

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Hi Donna i get pains in my knees and thighs not all the time. I get like a bouncy feeling in my legs headaches im forever picking colds up. My stomach plays up but im still convinced something is wrong. Im sat here now feeling horrendous.


I also get weak legs and sometimes achy or feeling heavy like lead. I also get shaky weak feeling almost like a sugar drop feeling and I get easily tired and need to sit down for a while before continuing what ever task I was doing. After many tests I also still struggle to believe it's a mental disorder and I think that's what keeps it all going if we could fully accept it we would get over it, it's very hard to live this way.

Keep positive remember the good days xx


Yes Aazz that's exactly what it feels like a sugar drop but goes on all day. I don't have quality of life at all. People can't understand why I would need to sit down after only walking a short way. I still can't believe anxiety would cause this.


I have exactly the same problem....the chest pains are awfull today and i feel so tired all the time...could sit and cry trying to think of the good times before the anxiety got worse..


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