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So Scared

I'm really scared and anxious about having Morfan Syndrome. I feel mildly sick all the time and am really skinny and long limbed, with crowded teeth, a high curved palate, heart pains, which are apparently some symptoms of Morfan. I'm just TERRIFIED.

I don't want to go to my to my GP because if I'm wrong the I'll just seem stupid, but I feel so anxious about it all the time. I'm near tears as I write this, and I'm at school because I can't wait to ask this question.

This is eating me up inside, but I've been paranoid about things before so I don't know if I'm just being stupid about it or not. I'm so scared and nervous about pursuing this.

I just need help please..

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Ok! Please relax! Your not having Morfan syndrome.

What your having is severe anxiety, that causes you to look up things That causes you to have complete irrational fears.

- another thing is You should NEVER be ashamed to go and see your doctor over anything!!! They are doctors and they see it all! They are there to help you!

And guess what..

Hypochondria is also a disorder as well.

what your doing is stressing yourself out to where your feeling sick! And scaring the S*it out of yourself...

Which is all part of anxiety- believing something is wrong with you.

Please put your fears to rest and see your doctor for your own mental piece. And remember that everything is treatable.


Also, Marfan syndrome is a genetically inherited disease. 4/5 people with it have a parent with it.

So if either of your parents don't have it then you should typically be fine! None the less- if it's a concern of yours.. Why not go to the doctor and find out, because no matter what, sitting around waiting and worrying isn't going to help you! Let's just say you DID have it ( which you don't)- but figuratively, you still wanna get a treatment started early on.

Like I said!- just go get checked and help yourself relax


My brother has this syndrome there are help groups out there for people with Marfans.. you can lead a normal life with it please don't be scared :) X


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