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So scared to take my tests due to anxiety:(

So I suffer from extremely bad anxiety& panic attacks. on a daily basis, I will feel nauseous, diarrhea, light headed, like I'm going to faint, can't see straight, sweating. etc. I'm currently a junior in online high school. due to my anxiety and panic I had to be homeschooled because I kept having panic and anxiety attacks at school /: it's gotten worse now. I can barely leave my house, I don't have many friends, I can't go anywhere with the friends I have due to my anxiety. I'm 16 years old don't you think I should be able to do anything I want?! :( anyways, next week, for the whole week, I have graduation testing. I was supposed to take it last year, my sophomore year, but I bailed on it because of my anixety. I couldn't leave the house due to it. so my online school said, if I don't show up this time that I will have to go back to a brick and mortar school. that's the scariest thing. so I have to go to a nearby hotel, sit in a room with 20+ random kids with an online teacher I don't even know, and take this test. i don't even know how I'm going to do this. I haven't been able to sleep the past few nights ever since I've found out about the tests I can't function right I'm so stressed. my mom called my teacher and explained to him I had anxiety & he kinda told her there was not much they could do. so that makes me freak out even more. I will be very uncomfortable, I won't be able to focus, I'll be embarrassed if I had a panic attack, I will freak out if I'm uncomfortable in a situation and nervous. does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do :( please just help!!

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I feel for you! For the embarrassment, at least they will be people you'll probably never see again. They'll be thinking about their own tests not you. Are you asked to have your mom with you to support you if you get sick? Not next to you, but nearby?

Have you been practicing with example tests to get your head into the right space? This can help prepare you for test itself.

Finally, are you seeing a doc or counsellor about your anxiety? Support from them can help you start to get better.

Good luck, and remember they're ate lots of us here with the same issues, you are not alone.


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