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Hi all

Feel like nothing is going right at moment. Suffering from anxiety, Nurse I normally see has been taken ill. Went to docs the other morning, She has checked and said I now have high blood pressure. Got to check myself 4 times daily. Seems to be going higher. Under pressure at work as we have very little to do so up to me to find lads jobs to do which is not helping matters. Any replies will be really appreciated as at the moment feel really alone.

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Hi trevor its not nice feeling or being alone i know how u feel even when im with all my family i feel the same. What as the doc said his he putting u on blood pressure tablets

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Nothing yet, She has given me a chart to fill in for 7 days. Got to take my BP 4 times daily, Then go and see her again. At the moment it is very high which is a little bit worrying.


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