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Not about me

This time it's about my mum not me. Since about 20 Years ago she has had these panic attacks and they can get so bad she won't be able to drive without pulling in every 5 mins and she will wake up all sweaty and her breathing out of control. It was caused when her iron count got to low and she pasted out at the bottom of the stairs and she woke up in a hospital at 2 in the morning. That was twenty years ago and they are still really bad please help.


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Has your mom had a complete physical lately to make sure she has no physical problems. The doctor can also determine if she is dealing with anxiety and possibly prescribe meds to help calm her panic attacks. Meds and counseling can help her reprogram her thinking . Negative thoughts have to be turned into positive thoughts. It is definitely worth the hard work so she can heal but it does take time, lots of time. You can be her support. You can exercise together, eat healthy and she can start focusing on activities that she enjoys, some she doesn't like chores and keep busy with friends and family. Keeping busy goes a long way In our recovery. We get so involved in others and activities that we don't have time to focus on yourself. The more we focus on ourselves, the worse we feel. She can post here for support and we can give her tips on what has helped us and she can try them or not. This fight is up to her but she does have support.


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