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Anxiety and panic attacks

Hi all. For those of you fellow anxiety and panic attack sufferers, it's okay! You can get through this. FEAR fuels your anxiety and panic. Don't let fear ruin your life! Quick story:

Imagine a fish tank full of water and fish. Now imagine that same tank with half of the water that it once had. The fish in the tank are going thru hell as their life supply has shrunk in half. They're panicking, worried that they won't be able to make it. What they later come to realize is that.. They're okay. They soon accept the fact that half the tank is full and that they're still alive. At times of panic and worry, we are those fish. Realize that, even in your darkest times of worry or panic... That you are okay. You will get through this and live. Accept that half your tank is full. Accept that these symptoms of worry and panic can make you feel like complete shit, but don't let it ruin your day. Don't let it ruin your plans. Don't let it ruin and control your life. Take your life back by abandoning FEAR! And embracing ACCEPTANCE.

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