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What helps when you feel depressed?


I often go through periods of depression. They do not last for too long, sometimes just a few days. This has happened for over 30 years. I hit absolute rock bottom, but then suddenly bounce back quickly after several days. There is mostly no pattern.

I know the warning signs when I am about to go downhill. I usually start to think more about death, past experiences, and all that has affected me in a negative way throughout my life. I had to disown my family for good reasons, and I find myself thinking more about them too.

I try to think positively, no matter how hard it is, when depressed, but as anyone who suffers with depression will know, sometimes it is hard to even think anything remotely positive.

I was wondering how others help themselves to feel a little better when depressed. It would be very helpful to me, and very much appreciated to hear.

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Hi myranda,

What sometimes helps me is to do something useful for another person or creature, even if it's just feeding the cat!

Also to "fake it till I make it" i.e. Carry on with normal activities even if I really don't feel like it.

If I'm really bad,I at least force myself out of bed and put the telly on. Nothing is worse than just lying there thinking, and the t.v. is at least a bit of a distraction...

Take care, sleep well

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Write in a daily journal notebook what ever is troubling you this will help you to offload and have a better nights sleep. Believe me it works especially when there is no one to talk to.

Read the Book "The Road Less Travelled" by M. Scott Peck

(ISBN: 8601404277887) from Amazon's Book Store.


It's very difficult but listening to music and comedy if I can.


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