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I have literally been panicking for 3 hours straight non stop ! I can help it no more ! I'm in school right now crying about my problem and I can't even do work no more! I can't even see the doctor because I don't want my parents to get involved! I'm literally suffering and I don't know what to do! I've tried every single method to calm me down but it doesn't help ! I don't know what to do ! Someone help cause I really feel like I am dying

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Ow christian bless you I wish I could put my arms around you n make everything ok. You can get through this trust me, please tell someone you cant go on like this your doctor cant tell parents without your consent, please go n see him,her. They will help you, I feel so angry that you cant tell your parents why? Cant you do this? as a mom myself I would lay down my life for my sons any day and if they hurt i hurt, no matter what I'm here for them, I so wish I could be for you, I feel your fear and pain. Sunshine, your ok you will be ok, please go and see your doctor, your not dyeing my sunshine, but you cant do this alone. I'm always here xx mandy😶



You sound young ?

You really could do with trying to talk to your parents about how you feel

If you find it hard to speak to them verbally could you write it down how much you are suffering and ask them to read it ?

Most parents would want to support their child , I would hope this would be the case for you with your parents if you could just find a way to let them no , seeing things written down on paper like a letter can be one way and can really work

Do your friends or teachers notice you panicking in class ?

Could you confide in a friend at School or a teacher about how you are feeling ? there usually is support in School now to support young people that are struggling and it is nothing to be ashamed of nothing at all and your teachers especially I would have thought would offer you support and that is what you need all the support you can get

I can understand you feeling afraid of going to the Doctors but anything you say to them is confidential and unless they think you are in immediate danger they would not tell your parents you had been or what with they may even be able to support you in expressing to your parents how you are feeling at the moment

Please think about telling someone you can trust it will be a big step getting on top of all this and things will slowly get better

Take Care x

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Try not to be scared that you are panicking. You are okay. You're gonna live through this and see that even though it was hell, you're still alive. Acceptance is key. Once you are in a state of panic, accept that it's there but don't be scared. There's nothing to be scared of. I suffer from panicking too. It often comes up out of the blue. I just think to myself, why am I feeling scared? There is nothing wrong. You are not alone. Remember! Acceptance and allow! God bless

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Hi I hope you're having a better day today. I get back to back panic attacks too and it is just the worst when it is so hard to calm down.

Although it is scary the doc can offer support. There is also nhs direct and there may be walk in centres near you. If they is a private easy to talk to your school even by email or dropping into the school office on a pretext then I am site someone there will find you support. Is there a school nurse?

I have had a similar day today myself so I really feel for you, and like others have said, if it was my child I would do anything to help and no problem is too weird, by the time you're a parent you have seen and done it all.

My anxiety started in high school and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Please find some support, you do not have to do this on your own.

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