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Heart palpitations

So I've read several sites about how to deal with anxiety and i discovered i have death anxiety. It all fits perfectly. But i am confused. Sometimes when I am content and fine and happy I feel my heart rate increasing alot. And then sometimes it feels like my heart is going to stop but my pulse is there. Strong and fine. And Idk why I have heart palpitations with no troubling thoughts. Can someone help? Also I've noticed when I am sleep deprived or take a nap in the afternoon its worse. Can someone help?

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I asked my therapist this once. Why would I get panic attacks when I am just in Tesco, or having my dinner perfectly happy?

She said sometimes anxiety strikes as you begin to relax. You're so used to being tense that your body thinks being relaxed is weird, and therefore wrong. Also she said it can just be a sign of your body working through recovery if you are having counselling or therapy. You're becoming more relaxed but there is still tension to release.

Just passing it on, it made sense to me.


That makes sense to me too. Thank you so so much :)


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