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The travelling dot of pain

I've had this for ages now but today it is really on my mind. A pain. Sharp pain but in a small area, sometimes in throat, sometimes armpit, sometimes behind knees or able our wrist. Always a pulse point. I'm convinced it's a clot waiting to be a stroke or heart attack.

Anyone else have this? Looking for reassurance. I've had the heart tests etc three years ago though not for this specific symptom.

Normally I ignore it but am in a rough patch at the moment. Oh and pains down my arms too. Great for someone with health anxiety huh.

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This is exactly how I am. I get pains everywhere and yes I've just had a stabbing pain in my throat. Have you ever had a sensation up your throat what makes you cough it's driving me mad x


Last week it was a different pain I was concentrating on.


I spoke to a doc and he said the travelling for of pain means nothing. He was very convincing, no a way is it a sign of anything I'm thinking or indeed of anything. It is not a symptom of anything, he said. Whew. He was great actually, i think he thought it was funny how I called it the travelling dot of pain. I mean he got it, not he laughed at me. Was v supportive and I feel a million times better.


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