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Would just like to share this with every one I've got anxiety and and one point I couldn't go out one day I took my little girl to school I was shaking panicking my heart was racing like mad but I pushed my self to do it the more I pushed my self to just take my kids to school the more it's help me to go out now I can go most places I still panic and shake when am out but I just tell my self it's just the anxiety and I will be ok as there people round to help me if some think does happen to me


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  • Good for you , my advice would be not to fight it if your symptoms show up , just go with them "as scary as they are I know" and just float don't get frighten by them tell yourself you know what they are and they can't hurt you, and you'll be just fine.. Oh and reward yourself too from time to time :-) good luck x

  • Thats the way to do it, well done, I have trouble going out but I do it, say the same thing to myself, have some days when I'm bad and wont go anywhere but most of the time i tell anxiety to jog onn xxx Mandy 😉

  • Yes small steps. It's all we can do. :-)

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