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Hello all I'm just venting as it makes me feel better but I have always had problems with anxiety but only recentley it's been quite severe. I'm not to sure if it is anxiety but at my worst point my internal compass was just gone so whenever I went outside I couldn't tell if the ground was down or the sky was up this gave me a horrible feeling whenever I looked straight up I felt like I was going to fall into the sky and after that I started to worry about my mental health and Tom there on it started. Now my head will feel really tight sometimes to the point where it tele like my head is going to bow up or I will feel really weightless and I guess the only thing I can do is vent they tried to put me on propane ol but it blocked me from feeling other feelings as well as anxiety which messed my head up more. Currently dong 11 hour shifts back to back so was looking for ways people deal with theres? It only helps when I catch myself at the start of one but I breath 5 secs in and 5 out but sometimes leaves me feelng lightheaded which in turn will make me panic like mad. Also when I look at myself from time to time I feel like I'm looking at a different person but feel like that's attached to anxiety too

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Hi I've never experienced those feelings but I've read similar from others on here. Re breathing, a pattern of seven in, eleven our seems to work for a lot of people. I must say not for me as thinking about breathing makes me more anxious! For me, like now, distraction is the only way. Writing something in here, or searching internet for research for my current fiction (I also write stories which is my best distraction).

I do know that breathing poorly I mean too many deep or shallow breaths can make you light headed or woozy and the seven eleven is meant to help with that. It's a count of seven etc by the way not necessarily seven seconds.

There. Twenty minutes after I woke with a jolt, have been on here, read some posts and written this. Symptoms simmering down a bit. Distraction from an attack is the best!

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