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please help

hello, my name is Brooke and I'm 17 years old. I have struggled with anxiety over the past couple of years and just recently I have been experiencing extreme panic attacks and feelings of derealization as I was looking more into that, I don't feel myself but I do at the same time. I feel very detached from everything around me even though I'm familiar with it all, I almost feel like in a dream state in a way but it's a horrible feeling. I will get random panic attacks and it's close to impossible to sleep at night, I don't know what to do. I hate this feeling so much, it stays all day and all night and when I wake up, at night I feel the worst. it's a very scary feeling, if anyone can give me advice on how to heal and get rid of this feeling or just someone to talk to please message me or reply

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I've seen these symptoms mentioned a lot on here so I'm sure someone else can suggest some tactics. Have you seen a counselor or therapist? They can suggest ways to cope and help you understand what's behind all this.

For paNic I can only recommend distracting yourself, it is the only thing that works for me. Get busy, obviously not looking up symptoms on the web, I mean with checking out stuff you like (I love Pinterest for distracting me) or tv or music or whatever well make you think about something else, something positive.

The mind is very powerful and it can stop these feelings in our bodies as well as start them.



I understand where you are coming from and year in from my first ' episode' I have so far . It still happens when in under stress including today but I know I have and will get through it -

Top tips

Seek therapy/counselling

Be kind to yourself

Eat well / exercise

A brisk walk can shake up your mood better than a chocolate bar

Find a safe place where you feel comfortable when it happens

Mine is the sofa - duvet, hot water bottle and camomile

Keep a journal so you see a pattern & triggers and you know you can get through it .

We are all here to support each other ;-)

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Good idea about a journal, it didn't have to be war and peace just a note of good or bad days. I use the Android app My Calendar for this, it's a period tracker but captures symptoms and moods and is simpler than a lot of journal apps I've seen. Ladies you might like it, gents probably not! The symptoms listed might terrify you!



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