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Having a tough time at the mo

Hellloo everyone , it's now my second night and it's 1am thankyou for all my friends who replied , iv just had an awful.day since last night managed to get back to sleep finally . Sent most of day laid up felt shocking g fuzzy head ear ache weal sicky jusy awful .I am now wondering if something g more serious has I woke again tummy ache in a panic I spat out a bit of blood oh dear just hoping a bit of a bleeding gum rather than anything else anybody else experienced this , my head also has cold shiver feeling around it my lil boy is skeep so peaceful im so scared everyone my tummy ache so much ol go to the doctors in the mornimo this old jaw ache thing gone from bad to worse too .feel so ill

Surely this is not anxiety it's some ring else with no name yet ha , could it be an abcess in my gum caused a bit of bleeding x oh binkynoo in a mess also panicking got work in the morning too only tono & sar then ov got a full week off x

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Hi well that all sounds pretty rubbish. Sorry you're feeling so grim. I am just the same, one small pain or speck of blood and I start thinking it is some deadly thing like on House which I cannot now watch!

If you haven't been to the doc or dentist then it's worth getting the jaw thing checked out. Jaw tension can cause a world of problems in itself from headaches and sinus stuff to all sorts, just from clenching! A checkup would rule out anything sinister.

Wish I could do more, it is so awful especially at night. My anxiety has been lifelong but spiked three years when my little one was three. Am still convinced that hormones play a big part in it for me, but even if not that then being a parent can be a lot of pressure and emotion!

Good luck, we are lucky to have this forum to vent and support.


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