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Hello, everyone. Tonight I am incredibly fearful for my health. A few days ago I noticed some white spots on the back of my throat. When going for a checkup with my doctor about my anxiety and everything, I asked her to look at them. She said it was a little tonsillitis, but she didn't seem worried about it at all. At this point my throat hurts, however it can be calmed by ibuprofen. I'm afraid that somehow this will prevent me from breathing while I'm sleeping. I'm also afraid that there is an infection causing this that will spread to become dangerous. So, yet again I am afraid to sleep. I just can't seem to get over this fear of dying in my sleep. Please reply. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

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You do have an infection tonsillitis your doctor has no concerns if your throaght hurts try ice cream it soothes the pain, this infection wont stop you breathing, it will go away, the night time is anxiety and not sleeping will only make things worse, my love try to relax and don't worry so much, our bodies are programmed to breath on auto pilot even in sleep. Take care xx mandy😉


I had white spots in my throat and swallowing was incredibly painful, it turned out I had a bout of strep throat that needed antibiotics to clear but I was out bad for a few days.


If you have tonsillitis ad little white spots on the back of your throat then you should be put on antibiotics. Don't worry though I've had it 3 times before and never felt like my throat was closing up, and I've had it pretty bad too. Its a very gradual swelling tonsillitis so your throat won't suddenly just close up. Tonsillitis is very common and no one dies from it.


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