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Just woke up !!!

Hi guys ,

Not posted for a while , often read your posts and didn't expect to be writing needing your support right now .I'm.over worked exhausted ,been suffering g my jaw pain tooth pain since Monday eve ; jist came on feel very stressed at the moment , suddenly just woke wirh not 9nly achey mouth thing pins needles in left arm & pressure undermy left rib cage just trying yo.tell myself it's trapped wind trying to remain calm in the mist of this anxiety attack why me!!Just want yo sleeo pain free smiley binkynoo not know what any of you suffers this woke in the night full blown anxiety attack.

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Hi this just happened to me and I came on here to distract myself. This is my main thing , sleeping peacefully then wake up heart racing, which terrifies me, turn panic attack like right now. Then all the other stuff sweating shaking etc bit all through out the horrible pounding heart, also pains in arms etc etc. Have to keep telling myself I got checked out for heart problems, all the tests and our must be stress or anxiety.

Our is frustrating add I have been doing so well but also I have been under work pressure lately as well as all my usual things.

I never used to think it was possible to have a panic attack in my sleep but it seems to be quite common on here! Hope you got some rest in the end.


Sorry autocorrect our should be it all the way through that!


Yeah those suck .. :/ then I wind up staying up . Be calm, try.. Inhale ..exhale calmly & repeat .


Sorry your going through this, I can relate we just have to keep working through, look yourself in the mirror, And tell yourself I have felt this way before, I am okay, nothing happened to me except these "feelings" then I keep busy and try take my mind off it. Good luck to you! if you can't get Through them on your own maybe therapy or meds May be needed. Take care, And be well.


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