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Anxious mind ..sinus struggles


Anyone have certain head or ear issues that occur/occurred with their sinus issue but can't tell whether it's anxiety or sinus problems ? Lol it's probably the health anxiety talking here. I felt something pop in the back of my head ..then felt a cool sensation all over my scalp . All I was doing earlier was burping like crazy because of the tomatoes in my omelette :/ lol I have acid reflux . I know ..I shouldn't have ate that. Anyways then I feel a pop in the back of my head, a cool sensation all over. My anxiety is telling me it's something more. I have had issues with head/ear pressure & feeling things because of my sinuses , but yeah this had me anxious all day :/ I wrote on this in the previous sinus post lol. I know, guys. But, I had to vent. I don't want to ride to the clinic again lol I still have yet to get to an ENT specialist. :/ it's still a challenge , because of my nasal congestion to inhale & exhale. I'm still thinking on it. Ugh. It sucks because the pressure is similar to anxiety, when you panic yeah idk ..I wanna meditate & be calm .'s a copy cat post of sinus issues & anxiety lol.

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Sounds familiar! I have this thing where I have like permanent cold or hay fever. Blocked sinus etc etc. I did get checked out by ENT and they found nothing. Mine is definitely worse when stressed and I just said in another post it's like I'm literally allergic to stress e.g. Work stress or anxiety.

Sleeping propped up or even upright helps me. Hope you get to see your ent person soon.


Thank you 💞💞 & yes ..stress is an allergen in itself lol . But dr at the clinic saw my ears & told me up , there's stuff in there. I've been having sinus drainage for wks 😕. Anyways, yeah , I never looked at it like stress could make your sinuses act up until I thought about it. It could make you panicky , ears full etc,.


Yes, can't tell if it's sinuses or anxiety. Going on two years.


Ive had this for the past few months. Anxiety related

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