I've recently moved to Perth from Sydney and I left my boyfriend there and my cousin, I also go to a school I am not comfortable in. I wake up every morning feeling sick and stressed, I don't want to be there the people actually make me feel sick and I can't stand it, i cry every night because my boyfriend is my bestfriend and he was my support, I want to move back to Sydney to start a traineeship there so I can live happier but I have nowhere to stay there yet. I just don't know what to do since I feel sick all the time, I just visited Sydney to see my boyfriend for 2 weeks and now I'm back in Perth, I don't feel right. I feel sick and like I can't smile or eat or be happy. I don't like it here in Perth


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  • Hi I don't know how old your area but I'm guessing it was not your choice to move! It sounds like you've got options, can you talk to someone a school counselor or parents about what you might do to move back or cope with being here?

    The symptoms certainly sound like stress and anxiety. If you talk to a doc and explain what's going that also might give you some more places to get help with how you feel. Good luck.

  • Hello, thank you for the response. I'm 16 and my mum decided to move over here, I've just visited a doctor to get help for anxiety.

    Thank you heaps :)

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