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I've recently moved to Perth from Sydney and I left my boyfriend there and my cousin, I also go to a school I am not comfortable in. I wake up every morning feeling sick and stressed, I don't want to be there the people actually make me feel sick and I can't stand it, i cry every night because my boyfriend is my bestfriend and he was my support, I want to move back to Sydney to start a traineeship there so I can live happier but I have nowhere to stay there yet. I just don't know what to do since I feel sick all the time, I just visited Sydney to see my boyfriend for 2 weeks and now I'm back in Perth, I don't feel right. I feel sick and like I can't smile or eat or be happy. I don't like it here in Perth

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Hi I don't know how old your area but I'm guessing it was not your choice to move! It sounds like you've got options, can you talk to someone a school counselor or parents about what you might do to move back or cope with being here?

The symptoms certainly sound like stress and anxiety. If you talk to a doc and explain what's going that also might give you some more places to get help with how you feel. Good luck.


Hello, thank you for the response. I'm 16 and my mum decided to move over here, I've just visited a doctor to get help for anxiety.

Thank you heaps :)


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