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Anxiety or isn't it!!

I just went the doctors about my chest symptoms and he said its vital but when he done my blood pressure it was fine but my pulse was 130 which made him think and said do I get palpitations I said yes and he said right I will send you for a 24 hour heart monitor j said is everything okay he said we will wait to get results babe wow I feel like am back to square 1 why why why! Does anyone's pulse ever like that

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I always have high heart when a doc checks me or if I'm in an anxious phase and go to the doc.

I really hate it when docs fob you off though, can't they see that not reassuring us even a little bit is what's making it all worse!

Sorry had to vent. But I think the doc should tell you that no matter what the tests say there is always a way forward. I hate it when they leave you hanging because anxious types like us will immediately assume the doc staying silent means they suspect something terrible.

I sometimes think docs don't believe in anxiety or at least don't understand how a word or look from them can set us off thinking it's cancer heart problems etc when really the doc could say, I'm just following procedure, got to get you checked, whatever comes back we will work together for the best way forward. How hard would that be honestly.

....sorry went off on one again...Good luck, hope it all comes back clear. Lots of us here have palpitations.


Almost every time I go to the Dr they wind up doing an ekg because my pulse is so's always nothing, just anxiety. I have horrible heart palpitations that make me feel like I'll drop dead at any minute. All of my many tests have come back normal.


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