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I have been dealing with anxiety now since I was 12 years old I am finding it harder as I get older I am now 18 and still finding it hard to get through days without feeling like I am dieing or worrying about being seriously ill I feel as if my whole head is just numb I feel like I am in a little bubble wake up go to sleep with horrible head ache, feel sick all the time! It's worse on a night and that's when the panick attacks come when I am lied doing nothing, i just wish everything I am feeling will go away!! The doctors want to put me on tablets but I'm scared to go on them as for the side effects I don't know what to do anymore..

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I am going throughome the same thing. I won't take any kind of medicine so scared of side effects so screw of being sick period. I feel like something terrible is wrong with me. I get hot, nauseous, dizzy, weak.

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