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Flutters and zoning out


So I've been up and down for the past few months, having palpitations and zoning out. I often feel like I will pass out or something.

I've noticed that my heart flutters when I'm excited, angry , exercising and randomly. I had ecgs, xray,echo, had my heart listened to, and 2 holter monitors, as well as all kinds of blood tests and all of that in the past 6 months.

Can it be my heart? Or is there something else I can look into?

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I would say its def anxiety. Feels like its your heart but you said it yourself when your excited, angry etc. If you can get into mindfulness it really helps. On you tube . The feelings are fed by our thoughts , we need to change our mind over it and eventually it will die off. It takes practise and daily commitment to saying your not welcome in me any more. Practise calming techniques and breathing properly really helps. You would be surprised how bad we actually breathe. I got some help from yoga teachers and was shocked at my lack of breathing!!

You can get over this but I understand it feels an impossible mission but little steps in the right direction x


After all those tests it's safe to say your heart is fine. Other things can cause palpitations such as caffeine, chocolate, sugar even green tea. Anxiety will definitely cause heart palps and flutters. But so can certain vitamin deficiencies such as low iron low magnesium or low b12. Also an overactive thyroid. Have you had blood tests? If so then it's definitely your anxiety and you seem to be very focused on your heart so you will be aware of every beat and over think and analyze. It's time to accept your anxiety and stop focusing and being afraid of every little feeling from your heart.

I wish you the best :)


The sensation that feels like racing or pounding heart can sometimes be from esophageal spasms or other chest muscle issues.  One you feel that, it causes worry which then caused the heart to race... My doctor & I call it the "Holy Crap" response.

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Hi, you are probably having eptopic heart beats they are very similar to palpations but they not dangerous. So try not to worry, keep smiling..


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