Too many thoughts, it's getting hard to control?

This stupid anxiety i feel like I've been cursed with keeps making me think of weird thoughts. I am completely under pressure from my own thoughts. It's like my head has 5 tabs open each playing different songs. It's getting hard to control which thought is going through my head. Until i burst out and cry and get a panic attack. I don't get a break from these thoughts? The first thing that happens when I wake up are these thoughts. I am not even completely woken up but these thoughts haunt me until i fall asleep, and also trouble me falling asleep anyways. I feel hopeless. I feel like nothing will help me. I feel like these symptoms i am experiencing will lead me to death. Which naturally, makes me even more anxious and intensifies the symptoms. I feel very weak now. I don't have the energy to stand up anymore. I'm that hopeless and sad. I had a cold 2 days ago I'm still drinking pills and even colds make me anxious. I fear i'm gonna die, as i said. I'm feeling extra depressive like never before. Like, i seriously don't know what to do anymore? This is a completely new feeling for me, i feel totally dead. Is this even anxiety anymore?


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  • I'm exactly the same as you I know what your going through it is horrible. I've googled to much and it's made things ten times worse. I'm here to talk if you need to

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