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Make everyday a vacation :)

Make everyday a vacation :)

I am so grateful for this group. It helps me remember that I am not alone, and there is support. I grow through reading posts, and responses. Everyone seems to be proactive in finding relief from our symptoms. I am learning to work with anxiety. I know when I become too stimulated I need to do what I need to do work through find peace - retreat to a quite place and find my breath, maybe to a few stretches, tapping, calming mantra, etc.. Find your tribe, and stay fabulous xoxoxo

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I agree with you. It's a great place, with great folks who actually get what this awful condition feels like.

I'm still searching for non-medical relief that works for me. It's difficult to find since my anxiety /depression is linked partially to chronic pain. Still, I try to remain hopeful,but I do admit that it's getting harder to do with each passing day.

Beautiful picture!! Thank you for posting it.


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