Just broke up with my boyfriend

Just broke up with my boyfriend

Hey I just broke up with my boyfriend like 3 days ago the reason was because he say. mean things to me to hurt my feeling I love him so much we been together 3 years now he always making me cRy by saying mean things to me than he ask me the next day did u cry last night when we got off the phone don't under stand why he treat me this way he always break up with me if I say the wrong thing to make him mad than I cry and begg him back over and over again I'm tired so I just broke up with him he not texting me since.seen like he don't miss me at all I really miss him so much how do I get over a break up cause I promise myself I'm not going call are texts him again are begg him back im hurting like crazy any suggestions please..... 😢


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  • Only you know what you need to do. However, know that you don't deserve to be verbally, or emotionally abused. The longer you stick with him the longer you will be miserable. Find your tribe, and talk it out. Your friends are a reflection of yourself. I went through this recently. Give it some time before you contact him. Give yourself some time to think about it. XOXO

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  • I'm sorry, but this sounds like a terribly destructive relationship. What are you actually getting out of it other than pain? Ditto in terms of your partner. What's HE getting out of you as a couple? Think about that if you would. Also, Just for a moment, think about self-respect. If asked, what sort of value would you put in it?

    If the two of you are unable to work out your differences, then parting permanently is probably for the best.

    I know what heartache such as yours feels like, believe me I do. If you don't do something about it it soon, you will get sicker and sicker. Be strong. Be brave. DON'T respond to the guy. Be kind to yourself. Respect yourself. There is someone out there for you who will treat you with respect. That's why it is very important that you show self-respect first.

    Please be kind and patient with yourself. Break-ups are painful so grieve the loss. When you've done that, learn from the experience. It's VITAL that you do this, because if you don't, you'll keep making the same mistakes over and over again. look to the future, because you do have one... A very happy one at that. You just need to make some choices, and stick with them no matter what.

    Wishing you all the very best.

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  • Hey your a beautiful looking young woman, if he cant see that then he doesn't deserve you. It seems mostly he makes you cry and the more you beg him back the bigger his ego. Stick to your guns and dont text or ring him let him do the chasing, I know your hurting and If he doesn't get in touch, keep that head held high get yourself out their and find someone whose worthy of having such a beautiful young woman by their side. As they say plenty more fish in the sea. Go catch one girl. Wish you well xxx Mandy 😉

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  • You made a good decision in breaking it off with him. It sounds like he didn't respect you at all. He showed no remorse by making u cry. Keep this in mind as you work to get over him. Do not text him and don't talk to him or see him at all. You should keep busy with friends, maybe redecorate your room or any other activity that you enjoy. You are free to do things YOU like to do and not worry if your partner will enjoy it. Keep busy and and enjoy yourself and you never know when you will meet someone. Just know what you like in a boyfriend and don't settle. That person is out there. Just enjoy yourself and live your life and you will meet that someone without even looking

    God will bring him to you. If you feel bad, go shopping. Even if it's window shopping.

  • Thank you needed that 😂

  • He does not deserve you if he can't treat you right! I've been through it too many times. I'm 41 and am finally with a man who treats me with respect. He is better to me than I feel I deserve!!! You deserve so much better!!! Take care of yourself. Hugs!!!

  • You can do it. Just stay strong and little by little each day the pain will get less until one day you notice you haven't cried at all. I found it helpful to clear out stuff. So I tidied one small section at a time and removed things that reminded me of him. We'd been together 16 years and married for almost 10. It is possible you just need to stay strong. Just think of your kids if you were to ask him back you're telling him and your kids that it's ok to treat someone that way. Good luck x

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