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Weird muscle cramp

So I'm a total idiot. I did sit ups yesterday without supervision and now i have terrible muscle cramps and I feel nauseous and my head spins and I was cleaning my room when I started feeling extremely hot. And sweaty. I lied down now and its better but whenever I get up the cramp really hurts like period pain on the stomach and my head spins and my body shakes. can someone help with this? 😔

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There is a possibility that it triggered a 'pooping cramp' response ... or depending upon when you last ate... some gas pains.... I can't imagine it being muscle related unless you took an unusual twist...or have not done them for a long, long time and your muscles are responding to something you are not used to. I hope the pain goes away soon!


I haven't exercised since 2 years. I started yesterday only and it is always awful but this was too awful


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