And it all went terribly wrong :(

so as my previous post i was having a terrible time until i was put on propranolol...

week 3 BOOM!! its back with a bang...

back to square 1.

heavy chest rapid breathing sweats flushes and now as i wasnt suffering petrified to get on a bus??

work are understanding..

signed off for a week! and put on more drugs Diazapam 5mg..

will this ever end??

im really enjoying my job.

lifes pretty good so no idea whats triggered all this anxiety!!

propranolol was working well... i dont get it :(


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3 Replies

  • Do you think you might benefit by speaking with a counselor/therapist? It sounds like maybe something in your subconscious is triggering all this... and sometimes speaking with someone (professional) can TELL the subconscious "I am willing to see what this is and face it"... even though you may think there is 'nothing there' to look at. ...or we think "I've handled that, so that can't be it" ... Sometimes we just try to fool ourselves and not admit to our TRUE feelings...

    I am so glad you are enjoying your new job!! Good :) ...and best wishes to you.

  • i think you have hit the nail on the head there..

    yes i bottle alot and lots of unfortunate things have happened in my past..

    i am thinking about talking to someone.

    i also like put everything to the back of my mind and push through.

    yesv i love my job but getting there is hard.

    Dr has signed me off for a week not sure if thats a good thing or not.

    thanks for the reply Betty :)

  • Breathing helps me a lot. Mindfulness meditation is also helpful. While in the car if I feel a rise in anxiety I just start to slowly breath in and exhale on an 8 count. I also tighten my thigh muscles. It helps me.

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