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Random full head feeling and like a cold type rush throughout my head

I will randomly get these weird feelings throughout my head. I experienced this feeling today while at my therapist. I was listening to him and he mentioned about how if meeting on Wedsnedays at our normal time would be good. I totally blanked and got confused thinking is it really wednesday? How did I have class today when i don't have class on wednesdays? I actually didn't seem him yesterday, so we switched it to today. After this thought I got the full head feeling and a type of rush through my head. I get these randomly every week or every two weeks. Does anybody else deal with this? It might have somewhat to do with me not drinking enough water for a couple days in a row.

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I get the pressure..but only because I have rhinitis.😕 I doubt it could be sinus related ..what you're going through. Feel better though 💞


yeh Ive gotten these before not often though.

What follows for me is being very aware of everything around or if I dont calm myself sometimes a full blown panic attack.


I get that feeling, as a matter of fact I have it right now. It's a full feeling and scared at the same time. I want to cry, I want to run. When I read your last line, I remembered that I need to hydrate. It's so important with this feeling that we get.


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