Not in a good place

Had some bad news regarding housing today (my anxiety has come from the fact we have damp and making us unwell) I had a panic attack whilst walking home today (never had one in public) & since the bad news my anxiety is at its highest really not in a good place atm and I can't control it someone please give me advice my neck feels so tight right now feel like o can't swallow properly :( :( xx


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  • Sorry to hear , the housing in this country is a joke (Ireland) I'm not surprised you feel the way you do it must be so stressful on you , just try not to give yourself to hard a time and hopefully when you do get sorted you'll feel better, sorry I'm not much help :-( hope you get sorted soon x

  • Thank you for you're really is a joke I've been trying to move for nearly 2 years now due to damp problems and I haven't got anywhere just added to my stress/anxiety xx

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