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Depression, Anxiety, OCD, is all affecting me. life is to hard, unfair, and it's just plain scary. I don't want to die I'm only 16 years old. I'm having panic attacks everyday, I can't think straight, and there's always something in my body that is hurting. I don't want my life to be over... I want to enjoy every second of it but having these mental conditions is stopping me from everything. I try to vent to people but when I do i don't feel any different... I still feel depressed... I don't even know what to do anymore it's like everything around me is dead and it's crazy... I just want to be normal :(

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I know exactly how you feel I'm 26 though and suffer from anxiety just like you in want to feel normal too I hate that I took advantage on those times I could sleep at night or those times where I didn't have these thoughts :( I think best thing is to get professional HP you're still so so young please don't take that as patronizing but you really should be having the time of your life right now growing up and becoming an adult can you talk to your parents or a close friend about how you feel?? Sorry to hear you're going through this hope you feel better very soon xx


Just my opinion but I really think you should see your doctor and discuss some medication that will help calm your negative thoughts. Once these meds kick in, you will feel better. Should help with panic attacks and depression so you can get on with your life. It will take about a month for antidepressants to really start to work and you will still experience your anxiety when you start taking meds but keep taking until you feel better and you will. Just think what is one more month of severe anxiety when you start meds to feeling good for the rest of your life. With counseling and learning how to be more positive, you may not have to take meds. I took meds and they made my symptoms way less so I could work on reprogramming the way I think. Anxiety is all in our mind and we need to stop thinking so negatively. If you had a regular illness, you would be prescribed meds until you feel better and anxiety is a mental illness and why not take meds until you feel better. It took 4 yrs of meds and working on my mind to feel better. Today I am able to handle things and if I feel anxious, I just get busy with doing things and it goes away. It can take weeks, months or years but it's worth it to work through it. Wish you success. Don't let anxiety talk you out of getting help.


Hey there. unfortunately, welcome to our wonderful world (sarcasm of course). Your going to be ok! you have to power through it and learn special ways to cope just like the rest of us have to. I know its easier for other people to say that when they are " normal" - and take it from someone who was actually getting jealous when i would see other people happily living their lives and able to go do things with no worries or stress involved.

But ME, i have a good day when im actually able to go to the store by myself without freaking out.

but the truth is that the anxiety, is actually giving you MORE anxiety..and stress..which shuts your body down. your young. what you need is a distraction.

this site on youtube helps me when im feeling crappy (all the time) - and i usually snap out of it when i learn to ignore how i THINK i FEEL! ( - yoga for anxiety and panic -Katrina Repman

and remember that God made us, and he will take us when HE's ready! no matter What condition your in.


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