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Anxiety opinion . Different issues , always?


I think it's interesting how we get a plethora of issues with anxiety. Like one panic attack or bit with anxiety, could be different every other day of the week. Let's say your neck was giving you issues one week, the second week it's your stomach . 😕 It's annoying. Like one week my stomach was my issue , my pelvis was bothering me too. Now, my neck & ears are annoying me . I hate all of this . :/ I think maybe I should have a journal & write about it.

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I'm exactly the same fealty bad at the mo I'm convinced I have a prob with my heart :-/ but it's all in my head trying to ignore it will I ever stop worrying about health ???

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Same here 😕 & that's the thing ..we have all these anxious thoughts . It sucks


So true you get past one issue then another arises and it's never ending!


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