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Convinced I'm dying

Hi I'm 19 years old spent the first 6 months of this year in a bad place I was doing drugs a lot and drinking a lot, for about a month now I've been having well what the doctors say really bad anxiety attacks. The symptoms are a tight painful chest, difficult breathing, my head feels like it's tingling or just one part of it is really sore, my words arnt coming out correctly, I can barely concentrate or eat, I can't go to sleep without being terrified u won't wake up, arms tingling, fingers have shooting pains, feeling numb, getting like rushes of terror were I fear for my life and when I close my eyes I get a falling sensation, And to top things off the other night I seen this like blue orb in my eyes which can't be normal? My eye sight is blury. I am so scared I have something wrong with my brain and I'm going to die. Is anybody going through something like this? Please tell me as much information as possible it's ruined my life x

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Your body is probably still going through withdrawals from drugs and alcohol . Talks to your Dr and see if there is something that can calm you down. Of course with your history of addiction he can't prescribe any meds that would be addictive. Maybe counseling and just exercise,drink lots of water, eat healthy (healthy foods help with anxiety) and find activities that you can focus on other than your symptoms. Congratulations on getting off drugs. It takes lot of courage and determination which you seem to have. Prayers and faith in God help too.

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