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Ugh. Well , to vent..I was at school & during the first two classes , I was fine. Then, while on break , I had this anxious vibe again's been off & on since yesterday. I thought it faded away. It bothered me to a point where I got a cab , now I'm relaxing at my house . It sucks that anxiety could screw with you , to where you get fed up doing something & want to be at your place. I missed class 😕. I'm going to finish it at my place , but I hate that I missed out on class, which 'll be later in the afternoon. Like I was also have this dull ache in the back of my head but this time it was on the left side , I was even walking like I was drunk. I got all tense & my health anxiety threw all these thoughts at me. I notice I may have to wear shades, regardless of the season. I try walking in the sun & the sunlight bothers me. I was second guessing my steps , like I couldn't focus walking , all I could focus on was wanting to be at my house. I may talk with my therapist soon & doc. But, yeah's like I'd rather be at my house than anywhere else sometimes 😕😒 oh & it's like I have this empty feeling near the base of my neck & upper back until I feel it tense up towards my mid-back. Like wtf ..why don't we get a break from this sh**? Why is it that when we think we're cool, anxiety slaps us in the face?

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Anxiety does that sunshine, slap you in the face whenever it pleases with no reason to do so, anxiety does alot of things and plays with our mindsit will have been the reason you felt off balance and no concentration, the only thing on your mind was got to get home. It's the only place you can relax, does the feelings subside at home love? It is an awful thing to live with, I'm a shades. Wearer too when o panick my eyes go blurry I even wear them in the house lol x . I think you should go to your doctors and tell him how you've felt. I would also go and talk to a school or college nurse or head of year explain what is happening at school and what you did because you panicked, I'm sure they will help you, I'm sure if you have an attack they will give you a little leeway to gather your thoughts back to normal and allow you to sit in a room to do this rather than leave the premises. This will be so much better for you rather than rushing home sunshine trust me. Stay and fight it, anxiety sufferers have 2 choices give I to it and let it ruin your life or fight the bloody thing, Have you spoke to your parents about it if not do so today. You can feel good again sunshine, your not dyeing your not going mad and your certainly not alone, if you need to ask anything else don't hesitate sunshine had it 35 years bloody expert on the little shittty thing. I wish you well let mw know how you get on chin up kid you'll be fine Xxx Mandy 😉😊

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Thank you 💞 I appreciate that ! Truly do. I have yet to speak with my dr or therapist but I will. I'm in college now , & I'm trying to push through this anxiety gets rough . I know my family knows as well. Yes, my house is a place of like zen to me. But, I don't want to shun off the world because of this . You're correct ..we all should face anxiety & deal with it. I've been trying to mask it. 😕 I always walk to a bathroom & relax then go back to class but this one , was not only my anxiety , it was my sinuses I went to see my doc & she said it was my sinuses . I'm relaxing as I type this ..ugh. I did think I was a bit looney ..but it makes since ..I've been having nasal congestion off & on for months but my doc never looked at my ears, went to some other doc & she looked & saw all this gunk of wax & stuff in my ears. that's why I was walking like I left happy hour all on campus lol. But yeah, thanks💞💞

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