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Omg panicking

Took me several hours to pluck courage up to go to post office its the only place I can go all alone without panicking to a certain extent. Paid my bills. Come home to find the woman has given me too much change, but I cant bring myself to go back right now was a task itself to get there, but now I feel awful, I wasn't Brough up to be a thief it doesn't belong to me no matter how skint I am, oh baby cheeses, I won't sleep worrying they'll think the worst of me. But cant pluck up courage to make the journey without panicking again. Any normal person would just go back. Xx mandy😓

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Stop giving yourself a hard time , you went even though you weren't feeling great which is a hard thing to do, maybe see how you feel in the morning and go back down its not your fault you were giving to much change not many people are as honest :-) :-)


Just been and gave it them she took my name and address and will inform me if the till isn't down I rely on that shop and know the people,xx I would not have slept otherwise, I'm an honest person and don't take what isn't mine. Skint as I am. With OCD. Too if it wasn't mine id pay in some other way feel guilty if i pick up a penny off the street. Xxx once found a wallet full of money and credit cards found the person and phoned him said I had his wallet, he said can you send it through post. No thankyou or anything, cost me £4.80 in postage. But thats Mandy 😊


Well its a pity there's not more like you :-) :-) xx I'm kind of the same if I kept the money I be thinking something bad would happen or bad luck if I kept it ha ha well at least you'll sleep better tonight so ;-)

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Hey Mandy. Glad it got sorted. If it happens again, are you able to call them next time? Perhaps put the money in an envelope and have a family member return it instead of risking another panic attack.

Either way, WELL DONE done for going back. That took strength and courage, so I'm pleased for you Mrs :-)