Knots in stomach

Hi everyone,

I've never been diagnosed with anxiety but recognise the symptoms of it and have been suffering with it for about a year.

However lately I've been getting intrusive thoughts based on my relationship (which is happy) - where I keep getting thoughts that I don't love my other half etc - even though I know they're not true. Most of the time they'll go after I tell my boyfriend and he'll shower me with love, but for the past few days, I keep getting knots in my stomach whenever I think about us. It makes me uncomfortable and upset because I can't pinpoint the thought or feeling it's linked too - it always seems to stem back to these intrusive thoughts and I don't know how to explain it to my boyfriend without upsetting him.

Please understand my boyfriend is loving and our relationship is very happy. I feel like my anxiety is stemming from the fact my father was never committed to any relationship - there is virtually none with me and he has just cheated on my step mum of 10 years. I worry that I'll turn out like him or that I'll fall out of love with my boyfriend. I just want these feelings to stop but I'm at a loss of what to do now I'm getting these knots in my stomach


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