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Worst night ever

I was woken up after about an hour at midnight having an anxiety attack i calmed down after a few hours but was to anxious to sleep till 6 this morning.

I feel rubbish!! I feel so heavy and my chest is tight my mum has to come and take my son to school. Which means he is going to be half hour late. I just feel so rubbish! Could this be the citralopram I started them 3 days ago?

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When I started taking cipralex the first weeks and a bit was brutal but its just the meds kicking in. They told me no matter what stick with the meds and I did and what a difference it has made! Just hang in there it will get better it always does

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Hi I have been on them for two weeks and I have to say stick with it,my first week to 10 days were very rough but really starting to smooth out these last few days so don't give up on them yet , it's definitely a case of it gets worse before it gets better


I went to my go gp and had a complete melt down! He has changed the tablets to something else. I still haven't slept apart from a few hrs last night! Just hot n bed and wide awake so anxious can't stop jigging, n feel sick :( I can't cope


you can cope and things WILL get better just hang in meds excellent!! trial and error not everything is suitable for everyone eh? have a nice bubble bath take some calming music in with you and sing along!! i do!! you really need to start thinking positive not what ifs more oh wells xx


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