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I am having trouble I have some strange simtoms I am 19 years old I suffer from anxiety and am always finding different things wrong with my body

: constant head pressure

: head feels hot and ears blocked only right side

: fast hart rate

: out of breath easy

: left arm hurts

: cold left hand sometimes

: feels like there's a lump on my head on right side

: dizziness

: tight for head and face

: red eyes and white face

: blurry vision

The list goes on I've been to the doctor and told him about the bump on my head even though I haven't hit it I'm just scared now and the head pressure on right side of my head is there 24 hours a day and I just was wondering if anyone had the same thing really I just think that I am dying so times k

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I feel the pressure on my right side too.. I take sudafed or any meds that clear up the sinuses.. That also helps me with ny ears feeling full.. And about the bump on head keep on telling your Dr about it and get it checked out.

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And if your dr isnt listening to you & helping you sort out whats going on then see another dr. We have to be proactive with our own health & sometimes that means changing doctors. & write everything your feeling like what you have listed here down on paper & take it to the dr with you to read out, sometimes with anxiety it gets hard to remember what to tell the dr or we feel uncomfortable doing so, so be your own best advocate, you could have an auto immune illness or fibromialgia or you could simply be feeling a bit depressed, struggling with anxiety is depressing, & an amazing lot of physical aches & pains are a result of depression. Anxiety takes its toll as well. Dont be rushed in & out of the dr office either! Tell reception you would like to book a slightly longer appointment (they have these available) so that you can read your list out, be listened to & not be rushed through. Hope this helps x


Hi there, I empathize with you as i feel many of these symptoms, especially the head pressure, and it worries me so much even though the DR says it's due to my heightened sensitivity from anxiety. I find practicing mindfulness helps and deep breathing. Acceptance of the physical symptoms is key. Just remind yourself that yes, you are experiencing these physical sensations but they are not dangerous. Hope this helps.


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