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Head pressure/ dizziness/ heart pounding

I woke up today not feeling good. I have been having really bad head pressure. But only pressure in one side of my temple, no pain, just pressure . I received a cat scan a few months back and it came back normal. But I keep thinking maybe the doctor missed something :( I have also been getting really dizzy lately and my heart won't stop pounding. The doctor told me I have slight tachycardia and now that makes me freak out worse.

I have also been looking up things and it says it could be hyperthyroidism. Any thoughts? I have been loosing weight for no reason also

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I've had similar symptoms and an MRI which came back normal. The dizziness and head / face pressure I get has now extended into my mouth and jaw. I've been told by my doctor I'm in a hypersensitive state due to worry which means I feel things most people wouldn't notice in their body. Perhaps you set experiencing something similar.


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