hi all

im new to this i have been suffering with anxiety and panic disorder for about 7yrs

i have just been signed off work fot 2 week by my gp.

im currently taking mirtazipine 45mg and now im trying propranolol 40mg twicw a day!

i feel like death like someone is sitting on my chest,

i have been pushing myself to go out and i managed a quick shopping trip and a couple of glasses of wine down the local with a friend.

bearing in ming a had a total meltdown before but made myself go.

today i woke 3 times in the night gasping for breath very scary..

i go into total panic crying seems to help in some bizzare way,,

im returning to work tomorow im dreading it vi already have a lump forming in my throat! any advice please xx


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21 Replies

  • I am the same! I have no advice but just wanted to say your not alone! I was signed off for two weeks and due back next Wednesday. I don't feel ready so I am going to speak to the doctor about extending the note.


  • I could extend my sick note but that wouldnt be facing my anxiety? i think if i dont just go for it ill make excuses not to? this is my way of thinking im not giving you advice! i hope you are well i think my new meds (propranolol) are a playing a major part in my lack of get up and go and the nightmares fingers crossed tomorow goes well' as i work in a dementia care home and need to be on the ball x

  • I like your way of thinking just go for it! You are a lot stronger than me! I completely freak I am suppose to be going abroad with my hubby next week and the thought is crippling me. So close to not going. I wish I could just face it head on.

    Good luck tomorrow. Keeping busy will do the world of good X

  • believe me its not about being strong im bricking it x

    i went to gran canaria on the 27th august this year was fine on the way there and had a massive panic attack at the airport and boarding the plane home. seriously i wanted to get off my sister has a way of talking me out of it maybe your hubby can do the same things like what you are going to do on holiday etc? and just talks to me random stuff..and i just listen to soft music enya enigma is a good choice for im going for it tomorow ive put it in my head i need to work to pay for christmas x

  • Like you I was dreading going on holiday 10 days ago! Doc put me on propranolol which have been a great help. Try to stop thinking of the what ifs! Tell yourself that what you experience are only feelings and they can't harm you! I try to stop thinking about myself and watch other people and take an interest in what is going on around me.We can all become obsessed about how we are feeling! I've had a great holiday - just a few slightly scary moments - but I'm proud of myself for what I've achieved! You can do it - so my best wishes to you.

  • Hiya, also not to give you advice but my opinion, I've had bad anxiety for about 5 years and finely hit the rock bottom and went to doctors 4 months ago. I work as a bar manager so my job is not important to people in general but my roll is important in my industry and just like you I have to be on the ball. I broke down crying at my doctors the first time I also got

    Signed off for 2 weeks and got propranolol. After two weeks nothing has changed so I got more pills and another two weeks! I hated it, thinking just like you about anxiety winning and all that and letting people down. I'm 27 and been working in pubs for the past 9 years and never ever been off sick before! I kept saying I want to go back but my doctor advised me not to as he wanted me to have my therapy first, I started my therapy and my therapist told me not to feel bad about not being at work she said of you broke your leg your could be off for 6 weeks, this is exactly the same, she told me if you push yourself you will set yourself back to the start again and again. She said think about yourself for once not other people. I still feel bad for having so much time off but instead of going to work you can concentrate on yourself and go for walks or do something you enjoy and get better anyway after 2 months off I thought I need to go back it's getting stupid so I did, well it didn't go down well, I lasted 3 weeks, it was getting harder and harder. And I felt like all the hard work getting better was wasted. Massive set back. So back to doctors and now I'm off again but I feel much better now and ready to go so going back bext week this time feeling ready for it not thinking it's what I have to do. I know work is important and I've never been without a job etc. But think about it it's just a job u need to get better to enjoy life, you work to live not live to work so what's the point to work to live if you can't enjoy life feeling like this! Again this is just my opinion you might feel different but seeing how worried you are about going back to work just made he have to reply. Good luck I hope

    It goes well but please think about it.....sorry for very long reply :)

  • nope i totally agree with you im just hoping that i will settle back into my routine..worth a shot if not ill go back to Drs and try something else.

    my anxiety has stopped me doing social things and i get in the habit of staying home because i panic then i start making excuses not to do stuff because it easier to stay in your home its safe to us?

    but then i also think why should i let this take over my life? i should fight it its my life!!

    well tomorow ill see how this pans out...thanks for the reply its always comforting to know people are going through the same and im going mental x

  • I constantly feel anxious! The flights 7/8 hours really scares me! I don't mind flying and can't wait to go! But it's the what if's that get me! I have just started on Citralopram so hoping they will have kicked in slightly.

    That's another thing stressing me not going to work and having no money which makes me ill so I think I can't go to work! One big circle.

    I am also trying hypnotherapy next week.

    Do you get sick, shaky, pins and needles every day? I do and I am so much worse in a morning :( X

  • yes i get shaky also im very consious that im flapping sometimes i cant string a sentence! also the heat my god i go hot!! i sleep with a fan on me even throughout winter~:/ i even thought i was going through the change at 32! but no im just mental ha ha i really hope you gain normality soon hopefully the meds will help and you will love your holiday!! and return to work im hoping keeping busy will help this thase pass x

  • My hubby goes mad that I sleep with the windows open and the fan on :) even in winter. I think if I get hot I will get ill. So lay shivering instead. Still in two minds wether to go on holiday :/ just hope it doesn't get the better of me. Tomorrow I have planned to get up (school run) and keep busy shouldn't be to hard with a 1 year old. I was close to sending him to my sisters for the night! Talking has helped I want to take control.


  • i find talking helps me alot.. and writing it down to you i see im not alone ha ha yes i freeze some nights too but apparently its the white noise of the fan which comforts me gp said?

    keep busy is great when i stop and overthink is when i start getting anxious,

    always here to chat if you need me!

    fingers crossed for the holiday it'll be lush x

  • I started writing it down today. Got emotional and cried this is the first time I have cried it's been about three times today. I think am more scared of how far away I am. I am going to New York it's along way from home :/ xx

  • wow new york!! amazing i cry all the time dont worry..a good cry can really again id love to go to new york im from england. x

  • Am from South Yorkshire. My hubby is asking his friends as we speak to go :( I might see if the doctor can give me anything else till the meds kick in. I don't want to me to high to not remember anything tho :( xx

  • try a calmer maybe? the dr should sort you out? please dont give up on a lovely holiday you can beat this? x

  • I just feel constantly sick and dizzy and shaky :( x

  • probably because you are aware of it! go back to your Gp maybe? have you tried anything else? x

  • I am trying hypnotherapy next week two days before I am suppose to go. But this is all quite new to me. I have always had slight anxiety but only been really bad since I did a sky dive about 2 half months ago. Then I got ill for a few weeks. Ended up admitted in hospital. Last week had to have a endoscopy and colons copy . Then on Thursday I took cocodamols at home on my own with my 1 year old and had really bad reaction ended up in a&e doubled over and now just can't shake the anxiety feeling.

    Just feel ill constantly. :( xx

  • sounds like you have had a rough time.

    mine started when i returned from holiday waiting for the bus to work the boom couldnt get on the bus ran home heart thumping and sobbing..

    totally out of the blue and i rang my Dr strait away and she said come in x

  • It's so strange how it just starts! I was so excited to sky dive but on the day I was do ill. Half way down I had a panic attack. That was my first one. Xx

  • Hello, although I don't like the fact you are both going through so much, I hope it eases but I had to say reading your thread made me feel less alone. So thank you. Having v similar problems and you really have helped by being open and sharing what you are going through. I do hope you both find some calm time and all of us I hope we find ways of dealing with our anxiety. Huge hugs x

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