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Cold feet and legs

Hi everyone. I have been suffering from my feet to my knees on both legs feeling very very cold inside. My feet do feel cold to touch, but my legs don't feel cold to touch. I feel as if my legs are going to let me down. Along with this I have cold feeling down by back from time to time, but the problem with my legs and feet is there all the time when I'm standing on them. Does not happen when I'm in bed. Yesterday they were really bad, and I was scared. i have been having this problem for above 2 years now, but it is getting worse. My GP says it's my brain sending a wrong message, but hasn't sent me for any tests to a Vascular surgeon or anyone else. Does anyone else have anything like this. I'd be pleased to have any information. Thanks.

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Hands and feet can, quite often, feel cold. Ask my wife!

It is entirely normal and is nothing to worry about. They can feel slightly colder as you get older too.

Don't worry about it, it is normal and does not require you to be referred to anyone.


Hi JohnFM. Thanks for your reply. The problem with my legs most is there all the time. Thing is, they don't actually feel cold to touch, but feel very cold inside, especially my knees and calves. My feet do feel cold to touch. My GP says it isn't a circulation problem as my pulses are good. Does your wife have similar problems to this?


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