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Been to a & e last nite with chest pains again. Fed up having them all th time. So scary. Anyways. I got an ECG done which was normal. And they checked my bloods for the heart enzymes!! Told me all was ok. And sent me home with my test results. At the top of my test results it stated " this troponin t results is indicative of a myocardial injury " it was at level 3. So the panic started up, and I've been feeling worse overthinking!! Anyone ever experienced anything like this?

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My story:

No chest pains, but heart rate went too high for me to handle. Ran to the emergency room, they hospitalized me to the ICU. Said my heart rate was too high, could be a HEART ATTACK(Damn those doctors to make me shit my pants).

It took 6 days for them to take the right decision and suggested me to go for an Angio-Graphy, cause my heart rate went straight to 178. Not sure what that means. Anyway, so did the whole ANGIO stuff, came back normal with "really big and clear arteries" (I am quoting the doctor here).

Later, just to be sure this was not some hidden heart disease, they did a 2D-Echo (not sure what that is either). That came back normal too. I was declared fir 'CARDIACALLY' by the doctors and was sent home, ever since I have been in the same heart rise more than 3 times now (and I am surprisingly still alive).

And the chest pains have gone worse ever since. And they seem to travel throughout the body.

I am gym junkie, Eat healthy, yet no change.

HENCE yeah, I relate to you.




I would call your Dr & Ask What It Means Also Seek A Cardiologist Just To Have A Peace Of Mind.


try to relax. start meditation. don't worry so much.. better lifestyle and happy environment can reduce any illness..


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