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Neck pain

Does anyone know if knock pain can cause dizziness? I feel like I hold a lot of tension in my neck. I hate it. I feel like I constantly have to hold my head down. Which maybe that is the cause. I keep thinking I have MS. I'll also get random hot spots on my body and it freaks me out. It's hard to be so anxious when I have a 6 month old to take care of. None of this happened until about 3 months after I had him. I just want to be normal again :(

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Tight neck muscles can make you feel a little off balance. It happens to me off and on.


Hi Kimberly I've get the same symptoms has you but I've got cervical spondilitus in neck and shoulders not saying you have carrying your baby or shopping can cause problems in neck hot and cold helps neck exercises also.but don't worry too much.i have to hold my head up go to your doctor he probably get you physiotherapy.😊


Yes neck issues can cause this but so can anxiety postpartum hormones. My issues also started when my second baby was 3 months and I have read on many forums that around the 2-3 month mark after birth that symptoms come on. I definitely think for us postpartum ladies that our hormones are out of whack and give us these weird symptoms and anxiety. Look through my posts and you will see my journey it's been 10 months now, my daughter is 13 months and I'm slowly starting to feel better I just hope it keeps getting better.

Also have a read of this forum of mums with the same symptoms and struggles it will make you feel better to know we are not alone.


I have suffered from anxiety for years and last year it started to affect my jaw and then in turn, my neck. The pain was horrible and no amount of relaxation techniques seem to work. The Dr was useless. My dentist on the other hand was great. She said I'm probably grinding my teeth in the night and causing tension in my jaw and neck. I had a mouth guard made that I had to wear during the night. The problem went overnight (the jaw and neck pain, not the general anxiety- unfortunately I still have that😠)


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